GenoChem World has DNA Sequencing providers with over 10 years of experience. We offer fast, efficient,and affordable DNA sequencing services to researchers. We cater to our client’s needs by assigning dedicated project specialists to each project and accommodating their specific requirements to ensure successful project completion.


Why work with GenoChem World for Sequencing?


Highly competitive pricing: We believe quality research should be affordable and easily accessible to every lab. In addition, we offer to beat competitor quotes.



Free Repeat Sequencing: Other service providers will usually only provide a single run on a sample.


Courtesy Gel Analysis: Our team will perform a courtesy gel analysis.


Positive controls Included: To ensure that proper sequencing chemistry and procedures are carried out (at no additional cost).


No strict guidelines for sample layout: We accept samples in many formats (Bacterial colonies, glycerol stocks, pelleted cultures and PCR products (crude and pure)).


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